Comunicação, Jornalismo e C&T – Setembro 2008

21 Outubro 2008

Sugestões de Leitura
Comunicação, Jornalismo e C&T

Setembro de 2008
  • Survey backs ‘intermediaries’ in science communication
    An international survey of more than 600 individuals engaged in integrating science into development policy has endorsed the role of “intermediary” organisations in enhancing communication between the scientific and policymaking communities.
  • Nuevo libro sobre periodismo científico en América Latina
    Se encuentra disponible el libro que compila las Memorias de las “Jornadas Iberoaméricanas sobre la Ciencia en los medios masivos: Los desafíos y la evaluación del periodismo científico en Iberoamérica”, realizadas en Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia), entre el 30 de Julio y el 3 de Agosto de 2007.
  • Regional journals can boost science capacity
    Regional journals are essential for building science capacity in the developing world, says Wieland Gevers. Building significant and sustainable science capacity in developing countries is an agenda that enjoys wide support. But how best to achieve it is still open to debate.
  • Lawmakers need good scientific information too
    Getting science into policymaking is challenging — but a recent workshop for African parliamentary researchers suggested new ways forward. Fidel Ayogu, a former member of the Nigerian Parliament, vividly remembers the day that money allocated by the government to build a new water supply to his constituency ran out — with the only half the work completed. The reason, he says, was simple.

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  1. gostei de encontrar este blog! muito boas dicas!

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