Opiniões – Estratégias de Comunicação de Ciência

15 Fevereiro 2007

Strategic communication is not about outcomes. It is about understanding your audience (or rather audiences), about researching how to best reach them, and about delivering messages to them in the formats and media they prefer. And Cicerone is absolutely right. Unless we use these new tools, we will have an increasingly difficult time successfully connecting with a more and more scientifically illiterate public.

Dietram A. Scheufele sobre um artigo de Ralph J. Cicerone,
Presidente da National Academy of Sciences

…we are also seeing troubling signs that communicating science, engineering, and medicine to the general public is getting harder. With recent downsizings at newspapers, magazines, and broadcast outlets, there are now fewer full-time science writers and less space or time for serious, in-depth reporting. The Internet does offer new, nontraditional outlets, but it is still unclear whether it can successfully replace newspapers in making science news accessible to a broad general audience. This means that scientists themselves must do a better job of communicating directly to the public.

Via Nanopublic


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